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The Press Bag
  • How does it work?
    Our team of professionals, craft and design the perfect news release around your brand and send it to you for approval. After your approval, the news release is distributed and published to our strongest network of journalists and premium media outlets (200+ outlets) including CBS, NBC, FOX and affiliated media outlets. A PDF report with a live link to your published news release will also be provided within 14 business days.
  • What happens after I pay?
    Please check your email for your INTAKE FORM. After receiving the requirements, we instantly start working on your project. Where our team of professionals, perfectly craft the news release related to your brand.
  • Can I use “As Seen On CBS, NBC, FOX ect ” on my Website After my press release is published?"
    Yes, you can use it as long as it does not imply that they are endorsing you or your business.
  • Do I get a report of all of the websites my press release was published on?
    Yes, a report with live links will be provided to you.
  • Can I see the draft press release before you publish it to the world?
    Yes, before distribution of press releases a draft will be sent to you for approval. You can check, edit and request the necessary changes.
  • Can I include images in my press release?
    Yes, Maximum of 4 images can be attached in a press release.
  • How do I contact customer support?
    We are happy to help, please contact us at
  • Is this refundable?
    No, unless we do not get your featured or published.
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